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About US

About Us

Company History

When I started up this company, the main reason was to deliver a service to clients at prices and quality work they deserve. I was working in this industry since I left school in 2007. I started out at a company where I got to do with gas installations and a lot of other work adding to my knowledge. I saw the opportunity in the gas industry and did the course to do legal installations. This was done part time as I got to work in the Hydraulic field, which yet again boosted my knowledge as I got to work with people more often as I did sales represented work for this company. But as time went by I realised that the work is becoming too much to only work part time on my dream. So on August 2015 I went solo and ever since building my dream.

What we do

We specialise in gas installations, but as our slogan present YOU ASK WE SUPPLY. That is exactly what we do, we can do anything. And if we cannot we will source the best in the field to satisfy our clients need.

Currently we do:

  • Gas installations Domestic and Commercial CERTIFIDE under the LPG Gas Association of South Africa
  • Steel work            
  • Wood work        
  • Construction        

Steel Work

The steel work began with building cages for the gas cilinders. And from there grown out to the point where we started building security fetures, palisades Remote controlled gate.

It got to the point we are building steel carports and works spaces combining the steel work and construction.

Wood Work

Working with wood this should be called carpetting as we mainly fit kitchen cupboards build by us. But we also do wooden decks and much more, even install custom made wood sliding doors.


This part mainly exist out of renovation for homes and bussenisses. We can do all from the floor to the roof. But as time went by we stared building small apartments onto houses so we would like building a house one day.

Strategy and Vision

Vision Statement

We aim to provide our customers with the outmost best quality of work at the most affordable prices.

Mission Statement

This company’s mission is to always be on time, never keep a customer waiting and always provide the best service to according to our knowledge and experience.


With our professional team at hand we strive to satisfy the customers need as required at all times.

Business goals and Objectives 

We do a professional job and strive never to do any job twice with customer satisfaction high on our list of priorities.