What we do

  • Gas Installations
  • Repair of Residential & Commercial gas system
  • Gas Certificate of Compliance (COC)

The gas installations is our main field of work, we specialize in this field and focus most of our attention on this part of the company.

When I started working, I never would have known that I would be placed on the road working with gas. But over time my knowledge had grown to the point where I almost feel that I can rule the world of Gas, but there is still so much to learn. So each day we do new research in the gas industry to keep us up to date with the latest technology and safety that is walking hand in hand with the gas trade.

We always do our work professionally and always make sure that everything is working order before leaving site.

Also we only receive stock from legal suppliers and can vow that all products used is at the best quality possible.

We can start up a new project from the floor plan, and work out exactly what will be needed for the customer to work safely and trouble free.


Steel Work

The steel work began with building cages for the gas cilinders. And from there grown out to the point where we started building security fetures, palisades Remote controlled gate.

It got to the point we are building steel carports and works spaces combining the steel work and construction.

Save on your electricity bill
Install a Gas Geyser

We supply and install gas geysers for your home or business.

Work we have done

Save on your electricity bill
Install a Gas Stove

We supply and install gas stove for your home or business.


We provide all necessary products to do the work required by our customers. We provide products according to our customer’s specification. On the gas installation side we provide only the best products that is in line with the SANS regulations for South Africa. We do have all basic equipment to do the work necessary.


We install and maintain all gas installation in the residential and commercial sector according to the laws provided by the LPG Gas Association of South Africa. We do all other work to customer specification, our field experiences and knowledge. If required to South Africa law.

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